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7 August 2020

Real News! Staff Writer

Iwata City, Shizuoka Pref, Japan

I need a new computer. My 2016 MacBook Pro is having a hard time supporting an external monitor. It heats up and then slows down. But I’m too spoiled now to work with only 1 screen, so I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade, sort of.

The biggest problem is money (as always). My company pays for my laptop, and in this current COVID-19 environment our sales are way, way down and I cannot justify the expense of a new Cadillac MacBook at this time.

So I tried to use an old MacMini as a secondary machine for my home office, but that thing takes forever to do anything. So I relegated it to a render machine.

I decided that for my home office, and later for my actual office, I will rebuild a cheese grater Mac Pro.

I got the idea after watching this Youtube video by Luke Miani:

According to his video, he paid:

$270 for the Mac Pro

$20 for a Xeon X5675

$100 for a 1tb SSD

$90 for his Radeon RX580 graphics board

$25 for tools

$505 or ¥53,316

additional Resources:

Metal GPU support and Mojave installation:

CPU compatibility:

4,1 to 5,1 Firmware patch:

Parts used:

Samsung 860 QVO 1tb: (list price is $109.99)

RX 580: (I checked this link- unavailable)

PCIe NVMe adapter: (I checked this link- unavailable)

I am going to try and emulate his build as closely as I can to prove that I can do it, then I may try for a more 4 wheel drive version for the office at a later date.