OK, you are here. This is where I keep my memories and ideas. If you’re here then you know who I am. This is all about how I got here. The Soundcloud icon takes you to my various musical endeavors from over the years. You Tube has various videos I’ve been involved with, I’ve made, or I find especially notable. Flickr is where I keep my photos, FaceBook is self explanatory unless you’ve been living on the moon for the last few years, and finally the tree is my school, Four Seasons Language School and Cultural Center. Find something interesting.

Just in case you don’t know anything about me, I’m your average American Joe, Joe Libby to be precise, living in Japan. Been here over half my life. I run a language school, I have four boys, one wife, and way too many hobbies. My friends call me rediguana.

Fake News!