photo by Kevin “Agent J” Brown

What can I say? Not enough has been written about GLU. The band that almost wasn’t, and then it almost was. We were semi-famous in Japan for a hot minute at the end of the eighties. But we never quite fit in. Which wasn’t as sad as it sounds. We wrote our music our way, for our own enjoyment, A couple of other people liked it too, which was fantastic. And then we went our separate ways.

In the beginning there was Glass Cafe, a SF Bay Area Synth-Pop band. They practiced in the garage of the house where I rented half a room. Garth May and Terry Morrow were members. I was in Lifeunderwater, a SF Bay Area Indi rock/New Wave band. GLassUnderwater: GLU

We didn’t start out to do anything more than check a bunch of studio rewiring Garth had done in July of 1987. I was available, so Garth asked me to check the mic, plink the keyboards while he checked everything out. Once he was satisfied he started playing some ditties and I started singing along. We started rolling tape just before Terry got there and started giving us some rhythm section. I think we wrote the bones of about ten songs that afternoon, and before you could say “Charles Bronson” we were on TV in Tokyo. After our stint on Ika-Ten, we had talks with a couple of record companies in Tokyo, but in the end none of these conversations bore fruit, so Garth and Terry moved back to the US, and I moved to the Japanese countryside.