But,だに!Was the first incarnation of the But,だに! project. 

This was a project thatbegan in 2003 when one of my English Conversation students realized I was “the guy” from Ika-ten, and suggested that our class form a band to do covers of GLU songs that we had performed on TV, at the Roland Autumn Festival. Very interesting outcome.

But,だに!Reloaded was the second installment of the But,だに! project. 

I was now teaching two classes at the same Roland location and everyone wanted in on the act. We ended up with a drummer, a percussionist, two ukulele players, two guitar players, keyboard, bass, 1 vocalist and even a video projectionist! We added a few hits from the 80s to our repertoire this time around.

But,だに!Revolutions was the third and final installment of the But,だに! project. 

A project that over three years combined the talents of many, many Roland Corporation’s most brilliant young minds from software, mechanical and electronic engineering, sales, general affairs, video development and sound design, plus their English Conversation instructor. I believe there is video around here somewhere. Just give me a while to find it.